Tiedeck research


Fritz Heinrich TIEDECK
* 15.10.1902 in Bommelsvitte
+ 26.06.1944 in Ssenno
Amtsgehilfe, Betriebsleiter
Ehegatten (spouses) Kinder (children)
(1st spouse)
Auguste Minna HEß
* 14.12.1901 in Schirwindt
+ 21.12.1988 in Hilden
oo 26.09.1924 in Memel (StA)
Fritz Gerhard TIEDECK
Dorothea Anna Hildegard TIEDECK
Christel Lotte Maria TIEDECK
Eltern (parents) Geschwister (siblings)
* 13.07.1874 in Mellneraggen
+ 10.03.1910
Keine Geschwister gefunden!
(No siblings found!)
Dorothea LIKAIT
* 02.12.1875 in Bommelsvitte
+ 1945 in Danzig

Michael Tiedeck

Disclaimer: I’m still very new at genealogy.

TIEDECK, MICHAEL (1910 U.S. Census)
Age: 46, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: GERM
Series: T624 Roll: 982 Page: 29

Michael Tiedeck 1910 Census

Recently I sat in a training meeting for a few minutes. The Stake Family History Director (who was training) told me about being able to access Census Data online through our local library’s website. Well I finally upgraded my library card ($1) and quickly searched for Michele’s Paternal Grandmother’s surname “Tiedeck”. I’ve been peeking at the Tiedeck line for a while and haven’t found very much (other than marriage information for George, who I assumed could be a uncle).

Well I logged in to www.lvccld.org. Then I searched the Heritage Quest Census database.


Age, country of birth, seven children including Michele’s Great Grandfather Harry Tiedeck, and more.

Tiedeck, Michael, head, 46
Anna, wife, 44
Alice, daughter, 18?
George, son, 14
Florence, daughter, 13
Harry, son, 12
Anna, daughter, 7
Michael, son, 6
Roy, son, 2

Both parents were born in Germany. All the children were born in New York. Michael was employed as an iron worker. It looks like the family spoke english.

I wonder if Michele’s father was named (in part) after his Grandfather Michael Tiedeck?


Notes from Mike Brooks phone conversation with Peg King (via email to Michele from Irene)

Harry J. Tiedeck siblings:
George – lived in Michigan
Roy – lived in north New Jersey
Ann (sp) – lived in Brooklyn
ALICE – lived in Long Island
Husband – Joe Genorif was the owner of several patients dealing with
artificial flowers or dye’s used in making flowers. Died in late 30’s
or 40’s in Long Island.

Florance – died young

Ann (sp), fathers name unknown
Father worked in the ship yard in New York
I believe Harry’s father immigrated through Ellis but have not been able to confirm this.
Harry married 3/24/20 in Philadelphia
Lived in Woodbury, NJ unknown when moved to Woodbury but lived there in 1930.
Moved to Indian Run Farm, Woodstown, NJ in 12/1941, That is where he died.

Betty – my mother (Elizabeth)
Peg – born 1928 or 1929, adopted when 20 months old. I believe Harry lived in Woodbury when this occurred.

Jean McCall
Father – William McCall: he was a seaman out of Edinburgh Scotland
Jeans mother immigrated; do not know if father did.

Check last name of Lesie from Edinburgh, this may be related to
McCall or Park.

George, Ann & Harry Tiedeck

This morning I noticed a comment on the George Tiedeck entry. George’s Grand Daughter Mary Gillis found the website through a search engine. I’ve sent an email to Mary.

Michele’s father, Mike Brooks (Harry John Tiedeck’s Grandson) just arrived in town for the holidays. We told him about Mary and during a discussion Mike mentioned that they met a George Tiedeck when they were visiting Michele at Interlochen in Michigan. Mike also mentioned that Harry had a sister, Ann Tiedeck, who was the first female vice president of Chase Manhattan Bank.

Mike also kind of remembers that Harry’s parents raised another boy possibly a cousin named Charles, not sure on the details.