Cynthia Abiah Bradley Morley History

Contributed by Laura Jensen

Cynthia Abiah Bradley Morley

Cynthia Abiah was born 14 September 1833 in Clarence, Erie, New York to Thomas Jefferson Bradley and Betsy Elizabeth Kroll. At the time of Cynthia’s birth, she had one brother and two older sisters; her father had died in April 1833 – the year she was born, but five months earlier, so he never saw his little girl. Naturally she was the youngest in that family of four: Amanda (born 15 January 1829), Jerome Bonaparte (born 3 December 1830), Elizabeth born in July 1832 and died two days later. Cynthia was soon to know a father’s love, however, as her Father’s brother, George Washington Bradley, married Betsy and raised her children as his own.
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