Photo of Gardner and Maria Dunn Curtis

This photo of Gardner and Maria Dunn Curtis was provided to me by Shauna Hart.

Photo of Gardner and Maria Dunn Curtis

Update: This picture has been printed in a Thornton Family Book as Gardner and Maria, and a cropped picture of the woman has been printed in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Volume as Maria Dunn Curtis, family members in Salt Lake who are related through Gardner’s son, Uriah Eugene and his wife, Sarah Mendenhall, have pictures of him hanging on their wall, say this picture is Uriah Eugene and his wife, Sarah, not Gardner and Maria. I have a number of pictures of Uriah Eugene and Sarah and agree with them. I would be surprised if a picture of Gardner and Maria exists. I have never seen one in all the gathering and searching I have done.

University of Utah – Thorne Studio Collection (Vernal Utah)

Deved Collection Alphabetical Listing PO272

This is an alphabetical listing of the collection we received from the Thorne studio in Vernal Utah. When the collection was received, it contained an index to most of the photographs in the collection. However, due to the size of the collection and the number of people involved with it, the spelling of names and places may not be entirely correct. Because the index was handwritten, there was quite a broad margin for error. This listing is as complete and correct as was possible, given the circumstances and time involved.

This would be a good collection to investigate in the future. Silva Arbutus Roper was my dad’s cousin. I wonder if she is the same as the Arbutus below?
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Curtis Pioneers

By Anne Curtis (via email)

In your archives under the heading of “Family pioneers” you have a list of family members who traveled with the early pioneer companies. Under the Uriah Curtis Sixteenth Company, you expressed uncertainty about the relationship of the Curtis names listed there. The follwoing may be helpful. Thanks again for the information you sent to me.  – Anne Curtis 
Uriah Curtis was the captain of the 16th Company of 365 Saints, who crossed the Plains in 1852. In that company were members of his immediate family as well as members of his extended family. Included were Uriah’s brother, Benjamin Gardner Curtis, known as Gardner, and his family, who are listed on your site. You have listed two females named Sally Curtis. One was Gardner’s daughter, Sally (or Sarah), 12, who later married William Wimmer. The other is Sally A., 21, who was married to Gardner’s son, Eli, 24. Eli and Sally had a baby, Maria J., 7 months. Gardner also had a son, Uriah Eugene, who left two weeks earlier with the 11th company, James McGaw, Captain.
The children of Uriah and Phoebe Curtis were all members of the 16th Company, and cousins of Sarah Curtis Wimmer — Elsa Ann Curtis Benson (husband, David, and daughter Phoebe Keziah), Erastus (wife, Mary Caroline and baby, Phoebe Maria), Eliza Jane Child (husband John Lonson Child, and children Sarah and John), Lehi (and wife, Eliza), Uriah Martin, and Mary Malinda.
Eli Curtis traveled in the First ten with his uncle, Uriah Curtis, and his family. Gardner and the rest of his family were members of the Fourth Ten. Gardner had one wagon, 4 oxen and 3 cows. Eli had one cow.
Resources: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Journal History, supplement following Journal History entries of 31 December 1852; LDS family group sheets.

Note: Ann Curtis is currently writing a history of Uriah Curtis