University of Utah – Thorne Studio Collection (Vernal Utah)

Deved Collection Alphabetical Listing PO272

This is an alphabetical listing of the collection we received from the Thorne studio in Vernal Utah. When the collection was received, it contained an index to most of the photographs in the collection. However, due to the size of the collection and the number of people involved with it, the spelling of names and places may not be entirely correct. Because the index was handwritten, there was quite a broad margin for error. This listing is as complete and correct as was possible, given the circumstances and time involved.

This would be a good collection to investigate in the future. Silva Arbutus Roper was my dad’s cousin. I wonder if she is the same as the Arbutus below?
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Family Reunion

Any Ropers (we’re from Mary Ann Bodily) who will be in SLC in August and would like to meet your Bodily cousins take note:

The Nielson family reunion is mainly for the Peter and Delecty Bodily Nielson line. You are welcome to join with us and enjoy getting to know and visit. We are all from the Robert Bodily Jr family line.

August 21st, 10 am to 6 pm, 300 East 8800 South, Sandy Utah.

Its an old Church with plenty of room. Fenced play area for the kids. We will have the cultural hall area, kitchen and maybe the chapel. Some one needs to contact those in the Vernal area, I have sent two letters to those in the white pages but got no reply.

– Jim Nielson

Funeral Services of “Uncle Billy” Reynolds of Maeser


Jim Nielson continues to add family related newspaper clippings (as well as many other interesting things) to the MyFamily Bodily website. If you’re not a member and would like to be invited email me using the link on my name at the bottom of this message.

Wm. G. Reynolds…

… of the winter of 1879-1880, when most of the pioneers of this valley lived in a fort; Robert Bodily, who was a near neighbor for forty years…

In connection with Robert Bodily and Phillip Stringham, he was instrumental in establishing a school district in the west end of the valley.

Robert Bodily Diary

Today Leland Meitzler at Genealogy Blog added a post about the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel website.

I’ve searched this resource before and found most of my father’s ancestors (all of his lines trace back to pioneers). While looking at the sources for the 1860 William Budge Company, I noticed the Library of Congress has a copy of Robert Bodily’s diary. A quick web search reveals his diary is on microfilm at Utah State (Special Collections Department Merrill Library).

Robert Bodily Family Photo 1890

Bodily_Robert_Family_1.jpg Bodily_Robert_Family_2.jpg

Front three children (left to right): Walton Edwin Bodily (b: 11 Jan 1888), Estella Bodily (b: 12 Oct 1885), Sylvia Louisa Bodily (b: 20 Sep 1890)

Left two children (front to back): Christopher William Bodily (b: 20 Jan 1884), Delecta Bodily (b: 3 Feb 1878)

Right two children (front to back): Isabella Marinda Bodily (b: 21 Feb 1882), Joseph Henry Bodily (b: 1 Apr 1876)

Center three (left to right): Robert Bodily Jr. (b: 9 Mar 1844), Harriett Bodily (b: 23 Mar 1880), Harriet Ann Roberts (b: 8 Sep 1848)

Back three children (left to right): Lucy Matilda Bodily (b: 7 Sep 1874), Levi Robert Bodily (b: 28 Nov 1870), Mary Ann Bodily (b: 11 Nov 1869)

Not pictured: Emma Jane Bodily (b: 25 Nov 1872)

Jim Nielson identified the family members in this photo.
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Robert Bodily Sr. History

From: Craig Bodily’s Bodily/Barlow Genealogy Website

Robert Bodily Sr. a faithful and philanthropic member of the church and a resident of Kaysville, Davis county, Utah was born Dec. 30, 1815, at Blakesley, Northamptonshire, England, the son of Daniel Bodily and Ann Page. In December, 1845, he emigrated to Cape Colony, Africa, with his wife and two children, landing at Cape Town, Easter Sunday, 1846. The town had a population of about 10,000. Here he followed the business of an engineer in the royal service for about two years, sometimes having one hundred men working for him. During that time most of the batteries in Cape castle were rebuilt and every gun reset in the vicinity of Capetown.
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Life History of Robert Bodily Jr.

From: Craig Bodily’s Bodily/Barlow Genealogy Website

I was born 9 March 1844 at Oxfordshire, England. In the year 1846 I moved with my parents to South Africa. We first settled in Cape Town at the extreme south end of the continent. My father, being a Stone Mason, was employed by the English Government on the fortification of the town.
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