Finished Reading

Last night I finished reading From Quaker to Latter-Day Saint: Bishop Edwin D. Woolley by Leonard J Arrington.

The historical tome, almost 500 pages, is wonderful book, that provided me with a much better historical perspective. Not only history on Edwin Dilworth Wooley, but also on the Church. There are many familiar things with church history that I wasn’t aware of, along with many others that weren’t so familiar.

This is definately a must read for any of his descendents (I’m married to one). A word of caution, if your not an avid reader, which I’m not, it may take a little while to finish.

You can find used copies on Amazon starting under $8 (plus shipping).

Edwin Dilworth Woolley

Edwin Dilworth Woolley, second Bishop of the 13th Ward in Salt Lake City was the son of John Woolley and Rachel Dilworth and was born in West Chester, Chester Co., Penns., 28 June 1807. He passed his early boyhood at Newlin, Chester Co., His father was a well-to-do farmer and Edwin was raised to that occupation. He usually worked on the farm in the summer and received most of his schooling during the winter months. He acquired a good common school education and being naturally of a practical nature he could apply what knowledge he acquired in a way to be useful.
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