James Mellor Family Photos


Father James Mellor, Sr.
Mother Mary Ann Payne Mellor
Louisa Mellor Clark
Charlotte Elizabeth Mellor Roper
Mary Ann Mellor Palmer
James Mellor Jr.
William Charles Mellor
Emma Marintha Mellor Bartholomew
Clara Althera Mellor Hill
John Carlos Mellor

Family of James Mellor. All sailed to the U.S. on the “Horizon” and traveled with the Martin Handcart Company except John Carlos who was born in Springville, Utah.

Deloris Ramon

Great News! Deloris Ramon from Evanston, Wyoming contacted me (her first email ever). She is a Great Granddaughter of Charlotte Elizabeth Mellor and John Henry Roper. Her Grandfather James Leo Roper is a brother to my Great Grandfather William Roper. James Leo Roper married Maria Daisy Wilstead. James and Maria had two children, one lived to be an adult, James William Roper, who is Deloris’ father. James was born in Castlegate, Carbon, Utah and passed away 14 October 1999 in Ogden, Utah. James William Roper married Lavina Deloris Shurtleff, a Great Great Granddaugther of Luman A. Shurtleff.

Deloris and her daughter Peggy Harvey have a number of photos and history to contribute to the website in the future including a photo of Charlotte Elizabeth Mellor. Along with a book about Charlotte: “Charlotte Elizabeth : a tale of tenacity, tragedy, triumph” by JoAnn Mellor Felix.

Louisa Mellor Clark

From Ronald M. Colby’s Colby Family & Others website.

Although Louisa is not our direct ancestor, this history gives additional information about her slightly younger sister Charlotte (who is our direct ancestor).

“On the journey south from Salt Lake I was left at the home of Sister Roper in Provo, Utah, to do housework for a few weeks. She wanted me to marry one of her sons but I did not like him for a husband, and also did not feel I wanted to be married at that time, so I made it a matter of prayer to God to know if it was right to marry him, and it was made manifest to me that he was not the right man.”
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