University of Utah – Thorne Studio Collection (Vernal Utah)

Deved Collection Alphabetical Listing PO272

This is an alphabetical listing of the collection we received from the Thorne studio in Vernal Utah. When the collection was received, it contained an index to most of the photographs in the collection. However, due to the size of the collection and the number of people involved with it, the spelling of names and places may not be entirely correct. Because the index was handwritten, there was quite a broad margin for error. This listing is as complete and correct as was possible, given the circumstances and time involved.

This would be a good collection to investigate in the future. Silva Arbutus Roper was my dad’s cousin. I wonder if she is the same as the Arbutus below?
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Roper, Jones & Wimmer Photos

Teryl Roper has contributed a number of great photos to the Family Preserves website. You can view all of the images at the Photo Archive page.


Please help to determine the date and place (or any other details) of the photos. Please add any additional information to the comments for each specific image. If you’re an author you can login and edit the photo captions directly.

“Butch Cassidy Came Back”

From Jim Nielson via the private Bodily website.

By Kerry Ross Boren with Lisa Lee Boren

When I founded the National Outlaw-Lawman Association (NOLA) in 1974, with headquarters at Utah State University, Logan, Utah, one of the first members – and later a member of the board of directors – was Clinton Vernon. Mr. Vernon was formerly Attorney General of Utah, and a nephew of Tom Vernon, mayor and virtual owner of the town of Baggs, Wyoming.

In 1975 I had the unique opportunity of introducing Clinton Vernon to Duane Moran, a grandson of Harvey Logan, alias Kid Curry. Duane Moran, reminiscent of his grandfather’s attitude, upon shaking Mr. Vernon’s hand, remarked: “Are you a lawyer, or a liar?”
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