Michael Tiedeck

Disclaimer: I’m still very new at genealogy.

TIEDECK, MICHAEL (1910 U.S. Census)
Age: 46, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: GERM
Series: T624 Roll: 982 Page: 29

Michael Tiedeck 1910 Census

Recently I sat in a training meeting for a few minutes. The Stake Family History Director (who was training) told me about being able to access Census Data online through our local library’s website. Well I finally upgraded my library card ($1) and quickly searched for Michele’s Paternal Grandmother’s surname “Tiedeck”. I’ve been peeking at the Tiedeck line for a while and haven’t found very much (other than marriage information for George, who I assumed could be a uncle).

Well I logged in to www.lvccld.org. Then I searched the Heritage Quest Census database.


Age, country of birth, seven children including Michele’s Great Grandfather Harry Tiedeck, and more.

Tiedeck, Michael, head, 46
Anna, wife, 44
Alice, daughter, 18?
George, son, 14
Florence, daughter, 13
Harry, son, 12
Anna, daughter, 7
Michael, son, 6
Roy, son, 2

Both parents were born in Germany. All the children were born in New York. Michael was employed as an iron worker. It looks like the family spoke english.

I wonder if Michele’s father was named (in part) after his Grandfather Michael Tiedeck?


Terry has sent me an updated gedcom for the Roper and Hansen lines. I had to import it into PAF and they export back to a gedcom before the website genealogy software would import it.

Unfortunately it looks like some of the photos are now linked to wrong individuals. These will be fixed shortly.

Integrating Our Weblog With Gedcom Data

I have installed some new software (TNG by Darrin Lythgoe). It’s a PHP Gedcom program. You can now search gedcom files with the fields on the top right. Michele’s data is online as well as Laura Jensen’s. My father is sending me an updated Roper-Jones gedcom, it should be loaded in a few days (I loaded the old data until then). I’m still working on the interface and navigation (the gedcom features should be considered “beta”).

This is neat because we can now integrate photos, histories and other documents on the weblog with gedcom data, without having to move a lot of files around.
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Edwin Dilworth Woolley

Edwin Dilworth Woolley, second Bishop of the 13th Ward in Salt Lake City was the son of John Woolley and Rachel Dilworth and was born in West Chester, Chester Co., Penns., 28 June 1807. He passed his early boyhood at Newlin, Chester Co., His father was a well-to-do farmer and Edwin was raised to that occupation. He usually worked on the farm in the summer and received most of his schooling during the winter months. He acquired a good common school education and being naturally of a practical nature he could apply what knowledge he acquired in a way to be useful.
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