Bathsheba Van Meter

Sarah sent a couple links with information for Bathsheba Van Meter.

The first link is “History and Genealogy of Fenwick’s Colony” By Thomas Shourds (on Google Books).

I haven’t entered family history information that far back (I’m trying to follow the start at the present and work your way back methodology), So I’ll have to look in the Book of Remembrance to see how Bathsheba Van Meter who married Thomas Brooks is related to the Bathsheba Van Meter at Fenwick’s Colony.

The second link is list of Vanmeters from the Old Daretown Presbyterian Cemetery. I don’t see Bathsheba Van Meter (died 21 Aug 1866) on the list. Does anyone know where she was buried?

Is her surname Van Meter, Van meter or Vanmeter?

Beatrice May Bond

I have corresponded with David who has an ancestor’s sister (Beatrice) that married William Harding, her 3rd & last Hubby, no children are reported. She is buried under the Harding name at Aultorest Park in Ogden.

This is interesting because I didn’t realize that William was married more than once. I’ll have to double check and update and the records.

Photo of Gardner and Maria Dunn Curtis

This photo of Gardner and Maria Dunn Curtis was provided to me by Shauna Hart.

Photo of Gardner and Maria Dunn Curtis

Update: This picture has been printed in a Thornton Family Book as Gardner and Maria, and a cropped picture of the woman has been printed in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Volume as Maria Dunn Curtis, family members in Salt Lake who are related through Gardner’s son, Uriah Eugene and his wife, Sarah Mendenhall, have pictures of him hanging on their wall, say this picture is Uriah Eugene and his wife, Sarah, not Gardner and Maria. I have a number of pictures of Uriah Eugene and Sarah and agree with them. I would be surprised if a picture of Gardner and Maria exists. I have never seen one in all the gathering and searching I have done.

Tiedeck research

Fritz Heinrich TIEDECK
* 15.10.1902 in Bommelsvitte
+ 26.06.1944 in Ssenno
Amtsgehilfe, Betriebsleiter
Ehegatten (spouses) Kinder (children)
(1st spouse)
Auguste Minna HEß
* 14.12.1901 in Schirwindt
+ 21.12.1988 in Hilden
oo 26.09.1924 in Memel (StA)
Fritz Gerhard TIEDECK
Dorothea Anna Hildegard TIEDECK
Christel Lotte Maria TIEDECK
Eltern (parents) Geschwister (siblings)
* 13.07.1874 in Mellneraggen
+ 10.03.1910
Keine Geschwister gefunden!
(No siblings found!)
Dorothea LIKAIT
* 02.12.1875 in Bommelsvitte
+ 1945 in Danzig