James Mellor Family Photos


Father James Mellor, Sr.
Mother Mary Ann Payne Mellor
Louisa Mellor Clark
Charlotte Elizabeth Mellor Roper
Mary Ann Mellor Palmer
James Mellor Jr.
William Charles Mellor
Emma Marintha Mellor Bartholomew
Clara Althera Mellor Hill
John Carlos Mellor

Family of James Mellor. All sailed to the U.S. on the “Horizon” and traveled with the Martin Handcart Company except John Carlos who was born in Springville, Utah.

Domain Name Changes

Family Preserves may be unavailable for a little while. I’m changing the company who I use for domain name registration and domain name service. It shouldn’t be down for more than 24 hours.

After the switch I’ll be able to setup “family preserves” email addresses (name@familypreserves.com) that will forward to your existing email. This just adds a second layer of privacy, if you are interested just let me know.

Sleuthing Unidentified Photos

Laura has contributed three sets of unidentified photos to the Family Preserves website. Whether related or not, we’re hoping that visitors to our website will get out their magnifying glasses to help us identify the photos. Any hints that may have been overlooked and other suggestions are greatly appreciated. Look for more to come.

Last year Jim Nielson along with LuAnn Seamons helped identify two photos I received from my Aunt (Amy Cook via my Father). The first photo was of Levi Roberts and the second was photo of Robert Bodily Jr.’s Family.

I’m still looking for help identifying two other photos: I’m guessing the first photo is of the Children (and spouses) of Mary Ann Bodily and James Naylor Jones Jr. My guess for the second photo is Jennie Jones, William Roper and their children.

Integrating Our Weblog With Gedcom Data

I have installed some new software (TNG by Darrin Lythgoe). It’s a PHP Gedcom program. You can now search gedcom files with the fields on the top right. Michele’s data is online as well as Laura Jensen’s. My father is sending me an updated Roper-Jones gedcom, it should be loaded in a few days (I loaded the old data until then). I’m still working on the interface and navigation (the gedcom features should be considered “beta”).

This is neat because we can now integrate photos, histories and other documents on the weblog with gedcom data, without having to move a lot of files around.
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Bodily Family Chat

Jim Nielson of the Bodily MyFamily.com website has invited Robert Bodily descendants and relatives to join a chat Sunday, February 8, 2004  7:00 PM  Mountain Time.

“Let’s try the chat feature of our family site. Spread the word. Be patient and keep trying, we have never done this before.” – Jim Nielson

Update: Jim, LuAnn and I chatted, I was on the phone for most of it and didn’t get to converse much. It was fun though. Jim and LuAnn are very knowledgeable about the bodily family, I look forward to future chats.

Joseph Benson Roper History

We have been unable to find a complete history of Joseph Benson Roper as he died in 1910 before many of his grandchildren were old enough to get interested in gathering histories and before the Saints became genealogy conscious. Another sad but true fact is that all of Joseph Benson’s and Hannah Elizabeth’s papers and belongings were burned in a fire leaving hardly anything to glean a history from. What we have has been extracted form History books, church records, and what a few of his grandchildren can remember.
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