The surname (categories) are back on the home page and are now dynamic. Anytime an author creates a new surname (category) it will automatically be added to the list on the homepage along with the number of items on the website assigned to that particular surname.

Contributing images

I’ve changed my opinion about uploading images. I now think it is better to use the “Embed” option rather than the “Pop up” option.

If you want a refresher course on uploading images, read “Suggestions for Uploading Images.”

(I’m following Terry’s lead on this, pop up windows create a mess).


I’m considering changing the dates of entries (that I have or will be adding) to be the dates of entries to be the dates of the item. (if there is a date.)

For example: Marv’s High Graduation was on Thursday, May 15, 1947 at 8:00 p.m.

This entry will be listed in the May 1947 archives, rather than the date the item was added to the website. (Notice the Monthly Archives on the right… list “May 1947”).

Please comment on the advantages/disadvantages of this.

Phase 2 Discussion

In a few months I would like to start implementing phase 2 of the website… though I’m not exactly sure what it will be… by then a lot of content will be available… We’ll need to start putting that information to use… people will come to the website and be overwhelmed by all the different things that are available… I’m thinking create a new section of the website that will use the information here to tell stories… but somehow tell stories in a way that will captivate and motivate more of us to do research…

Please discuss in the comments below


New listings under “Authors” (top right of the home page):

The “Contributing FAQ (Help)” link is where authors can find and post information about contributing on Family Preserves. To add an entry to this section just set the Category to be “Contributing”.

The “Research Links” link is for links to website helpful for Family History research. To add an entry to this section just set the Category to be “Research Links”.

The “Other Websites” link is for links to websites that don’t fit under ResearchLinks . To add an entry to this section just set the Category to be “Websites”.

Suggestions for Uploading Images

First upload screen

Second Upload Screen

On the first upload screen:
1. add “images/” to the optional field
(This keeps all the pictures in a seperate images folder, if you would like to keep all the images you upload in a surname or other folder replace “images/” with “images/surname/” or “surname”

On the second upload screen:
2. Check “Create a thumbnail for this image”
2a. Enter “128” in the width or Height field
(choose the field with the larger dimension… if the image is a vertical portrait… the height should be “128”, 128 is the size I suggest to be consistent, you can actually choose any size)
3. Choose “Embedded Image”.